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We believe the best way to affect change for everyone, is to involve everyone. We realise we live and breathe in a multicultural nation, with mindsets and values that are evolving by the day. We have the ability to provide a platform for all Malaysians to intemingle and initiate a change that reverberates across society – whatever that change may be.

We call it, Converging Communities!



Net2One SdnBhd began operations in February 2014 and is a registered subsidiary under Altel Holdings SdnBhd and part of the Al-Bukhary Group of Companies. Operating under the brand ALTEL, it is involved in the telecommunications industry providing mobile connectivity and solution services. We aspire to be the preferred digital technology partner in Malaysia and across Asia; providing mobile network services, delivering strategic, high-speed mobile technology solutions consistent with the values and vision of the Company.

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