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We believe the best way to affect change for everyone, is to involve everyone. We realise we live and breathe in a multicultural nation, with mindsets and values that are evolving by the day. We have the ability to provide a platform for all Malaysians to intemingle and initiate a change that reverberates across society – whatever that change may be.

We call it, Converging Communities!



Altel Communications Sdn Bhd (Altel) began operations in July 2012 and is a part of the AlBukhary Group of Companies. A subsidiary under Altel Holdings, Altel is involved in the telecommunications industry and has been allocated spectrum to build a mobile network. We aspire to be the premier Long Term Evolution (LTE) (4G) and all other related telecommunications service provider, delivering strategic, high-speed mobile technology, consistent with the values and vision of the Company.

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